Boba Tea Flavors – The Introduction


On the off chance that the term Boba is unusual to the vast majority of individuals, at that point the air pocket tea will excite their cognizance. It is one of the reviving tea drinks that has acquired a lot of ubiquity among the youngsters for its delicate and chewy custard pearls. While this refreshment has appeared since 1980 the different blends of sweet flavors like nectar and dense milk has added to its rich foamy surface.

This fabulous tea blend is otherwise called Boba tea flavors , pearl tea drink, Boba ice tea, dark pearl tea and custard ball drink. It has likewise changed the personalities of numerous who are accustomed to drinking a hot cup of tea. Nobody is certain whether the Boba milk tea is an enjoyment drink to eat or a pastry to drink. In any case, due to the quality and taste it is reasonable to have it whenever of the day and altogether seasons. This tea blend is likewise served both hot and cold.

The best bubble tea in LA can be a turn away from your favorite hangout spot. The scrumptious drink has grown massively popular around Los Angeles in the last decade. The mix of Asian cultures in and around California has allowed Bubble tea flavors to grow and become more elaborate.

Since every Asian country has its own local bubble tea recipe and characteristics, the drink already comes in some unique tastes. Now, imagine a mish-mash of cultures all introducing their bubble tea flavor into one region. What you certainly do get is the best bubble tea in LA.

The combinations of flavors you can taste when it comes to bubble tea are endless thanks to the cultural mix just mentioned above. Even though bubble tea was invented back in the 80s, the number of flavors and types are infinite. Over the years, the tastes have only become more elaborate. So let’s explore this marvelous drink from Taiwan, and look at some of the unforgettable flavors you can have for your next bubble tea!

The Basics

Before getting wild about the unforgettable flavors you can have when it comes to bubble tea, you might want to look at the basics. There are four main ingredients to bubble tea. The first one is, of course, the tea, which is often black organic tea. The second ingredient is milk, which in some cases, is skipped depending on preference.

You will also find different flavors that come in the form of sweeteners like fruit syrup. And then, of course, you have the tapioca pearls. After all, that’s what gives the boba tea its distinctive look, right? The little bubbly beads are chewy foods that are appreciated more for the textures it brings.

Some other ingredients can be added depending on preference, and you can even see these four ingredients swapped out. Some foodies also eliminate certain flavors entirely as long as it suits them.

The massive world of boba tea comes in different flavors and types. The main focus of this article is to tell you about some of the possible flavors you can come across when having the best bubble tea in LA. You might even come across one in a coffee place where mixed drinks are being served.

Because some boba tea cafes offer over 200 flavors, this article will not be able to cover even half of them. But by the end of this article, you will see that by combining any of the four main ingredients, you can reach bubble tea heaven and knock yourself out.

Adding the Flavors

bubble tea in los angeles

If you are a boba tea fan, or ever had the best bubble tea in LA, you will know that the primary taste in the tea comes from the syrup. Often, the sugar is replaced by powders, but this depends on the location. Just as many coffee joints have a mix of syrups they use to flavor their lattes, you will see bubble tea cafes be stocked with different syrups. In some cases, they will be packed with various powders and sugars, so keep an eye out for that. You might even come across the best waffle place, offering bubble tea due to high demands.

One might ask why flavored syrup? The reason for this choice is that sugars tend to mix well with cold milk tea. You are likely to see fruits as a popular selection for syrup flavors, more specifically tropical fruits. The reason for this is, the origin of Boba tea, which in Taiwan is famous for the variety of tropical fruits it has.

It should be noted that you should not mix sour fruit syrups with the milk. If you want to have a bitter fruit in your boba tea, then leave the milk out. The reason being that, the acid in the fruits can spoil the milk, and this is something you certainly do not want to do.


If you are new to the boba tea frenzy, then you probably don’t know where to start. Having the best bubble tea in LA can be a mere coincidence because everyone’s preferences can differ. To filter out the tastes, it is advised that you start with the most popular one. There is a reason why they have become a hit in the first place.

Boba tea flavors like Honeydew, Mango, Strawberry, and Peach are the basics when it comes to good old bubble tea. You can even try to go for a more savory taste with coffee, almond, ginger, taro, or even pudding. Pudding flavors can range from the standard chocolate to the more elaborate custard and mango.

Getting More Fruity

You might have understood by now that the whole boba tea craze is all about the fruits. The possibilities are endless if you want to mix up the standard flavors. You can find a boba tea with almost any of these fruit flavors; banana, green apple, grape, coconut, and lemon.

These were the standard fruits. If you want to be more courageous, you can even go for the avocados, jackfruits, and watermelon. As mentioned before, the fruits of Taiwan are the main stars of the show. But since the flavors are all mixed together in places like California, there is no exact saying when you will have the best bubble tea in LA.

Time to get crazy

You might draw the line at an avocado bubble tea, but you could say that some have taken it a step further. Hold on to your hats, because you will be in for a literal treat when it comes to these flavors. You might even find these tastes tingle your sweet tooth. Come on, who can resist the taste of caramel or chocolate, right? Besides the chocolate and caramel, you can also go for barley!

You won’t really be getting that breakfast hardy cereal taste, but hey, it is sure to be refreshing. If you are a flower person, how about some lavender, rose, and violet boba tea? You heard that right; these flower teas might be the best bubble tea in LA. You can never know unless you give them a try.

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