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Chandra Grahan Kab Lagega – Janiye Tarikh aur Samay!


Chandra Grahan is a celestial phenomenon that never fails to capture the attention of people all around the world. This captivating event occurs when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, casting a shadow over the lunar surface. In Hindu culture, Chandra Grahan holds significant religious and astrological importance, with people following various beliefs and rituals during this period. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the dates and timings of the upcoming Chandra Grahan events, as well as explore the myths, precautions, and significance associated with them.

Chandra Grahan Dates and Timings

1. Total Lunar Eclipse (Purna Chandra Grahan)
– Date: 26th May 2021
– Timing: The eclipse will be visible from 2:17 PM to 7:19 PM (Indian Standard Time)
– Visibility: This event will be visible in parts of Asia, Australia, the Pacific, and the Americas.

2. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (Up-Chandra Grahan)
– Date: 19th November 2021
– Timing: The eclipse will occur from 11:32 AM to 3:53 PM (Indian Standard Time)
– Visibility: This eclipse will be visible from Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and the Arctic.

Significance of Chandra Grahan in Hindu Culture

In Hindu mythology, it is believed that during a Chandra Grahan, the negative energy in the atmosphere intensifies, affecting both the physical and mental well-being of individuals. To counteract these effects, various practices and rituals are followed, such as chanting mantras, performing puja, fasting, and taking a dip in holy rivers. It is also said that negative energies are at their peak during an eclipse, and engaging in positive activities can help in warding off these energies.

Myths and Beliefs Surrounding Chandra Grahan

  1. Rahu and Ketu: According to Hindu mythology, Rahu and Ketu, the shadow planets, are said to be responsible for causing the eclipses. It is believed that during an eclipse, the demons Rahu and Ketu swallow the Sun and the Moon, leading to the phenomenon.

  2. Impact on Pregnant Women: In Indian culture, pregnant women are often advised to stay indoors during an eclipse, as it is believed that the negative energies can harm the unborn child. Additionally, they are advised to avoid using sharp objects and consuming food during this time.

Precautions During Chandra Grahan

  1. Avoid Eating: It is advisable to avoid eating during the eclipse, as scientifically, the harmful ultraviolet rays during an eclipse can contaminate the food and have a negative impact on health.

  2. Spiritual Practices: Engaging in spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, and chanting mantras is believed to have a positive impact during an eclipse. It is said that such practices can help in neutralizing the negative energies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can pregnant women go out during a Chandra Grahan?
– No, pregnant women are advised to stay indoors during a Chandra Grahan as a precautionary measure due to the prevalent beliefs of negative energies causing harm.

2. Is it safe to eat during a Chandra Grahan?
– It is generally advised not to eat during an eclipse due to the belief that harmful ultraviolet rays can contaminate the food. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

3. Can we watch the eclipse with the naked eye?
– It is safe to view a lunar eclipse with the naked eye, unlike a solar eclipse where direct viewing can damage the eyes.

4. Do eclipse rituals have any scientific significance?
– While eclipse rituals are predominantly based on cultural and religious beliefs, engaging in positive activities during an eclipse can have a calming effect on individuals.

5. Are there any specific remedies to ward off negative energies during a Chandra Grahan?
– Practices like chanting mantras, performing puja, and meditation are often suggested as remedies to counteract negative energies during an eclipse.