Why We Love dachshund funny sayings (And You Should, Too!)

Here are five funny sayings that have become my go-to phrase for things that don’t make sense, but do. I’ve been using these sayings for years now, and they have become a staple in my life.

The first is “I’m a dachshund” (or “I’m a dachshund dog”). This is a phrase that people use all the time when they don’t understand a situation. It’s a simple way to tell someone that you’re not going to respond to their request. The second is “I’m a dachshund”.

The phrase is a bit more complicated and more specific than that. Its a bit like when you say Youre a dachshund. Its a way of saying that you don’t understand something, but you’re happy to make people laugh. The third is I have a dachshund. This is the phrase you use when youre about to say something that you really don’t mean.

The first is a bit of a stretch, but I found that this phrase was used a lot in the first couple of years of my internet life. It literally means you have a dachshund you dont know what to do with.

The funniest thing I found about this phrase is that it was used by someone once, then by someone else, and then someone else. A few times I found myself saying it.

And of course, you dont use the phrase when you are about to start your sentence, so it has only been used by one person. The phrase is also said a lot in the context of someone making a joke, or about someone who is being serious.

In the beginning, we’ll be talking about the concept of “dachshund humor,” which is the sort of thing that makes me laugh the most. In its modern usage, it means a bit of playful, wisecracking mischief in a cartoonish, cute, and lovable way. The original usage is probably best understood as a play on the fact that dachshunds are known for their fun-loving ways.

The term was popularized on the TV show The Simpsons, but its origins are actually more ancient. In Ancient Greece, there was the idea that dachshunds are good luck. In fact, according to legend, they were originally a type of fairy.

dachshund jokes are like that. In the early 1900s, the first dachshunds were created by the Italian scientist Cesare Virgilio. He brought the idea of the dachshund into the world with the help of a series of experiments with an ape and a baboon. In the first experiment, he introduced a wire through which a dachshund could walk on.

However, the original dachshund is considered to be one of the most evil animals in the entire animal kingdom. It is said to be so evil that its name is derived from the Latin word for “evil”. In fact, as soon as they were created, virgins were created to be dachshunds for the sake of spreading the word about their evil disposition.

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