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Did you recognize that the amount of online buyers is predicted to surpass 2.14 billion by 2021?

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eCommerce has changed the way businesses sell and consumers buy. It grows at a quick pace and it shows no signs of slowing down.

In fact, online retail sales are projected to succeed in $5 trillion by 2021.

To get a bit of this pie, businesses are sure to consider investing in online stores.

eCommerce developers exclusively build eCommerce websites and mobile applications that meet the unique needs of their clients.

They are skilled in coding and various programming languages like Java, Javascript, PHP, Python and CSS.

Unlike eCommerce designers who are liable for the web site aesthetics, eCommerce developers are responsible of the technical aspects of the products they build. And their job is to deliver fully functional stores that provide visitors with an impressive experience.

Mobile-friendliness is another must-have feature for your website. Keep in mind that mobile transactions make up around 50% of all sales. Your customers will not want to start a laptop to buy something from your site. So, use the services of the best eCommerce development company to have a site with responsive design.

Reviews by Users
You should also have user-generated reviews on your eCommerce site. More than 90% of customers read reviews to have an idea of the product. It is understandable. Nobody wants to be deceived. So, no matter how good your product is. Let users review it, and you will increase your customer base by it.

Special Offers
Another critical feature to increase your customer base is special offers. When the best eCommerce development agency adds this feature to your site, your customers will linger on the page. They will be more encouraged to buy and spend more time on the site to search for more items with exclusive offers. Also, they will inform their friends regarding such offers. So, ensure your site has this small but fantastic feature.

Frequently Asked Questions
You would see this feature on any site regardless of its commercial objectives. First, this feature provides the user with more detailed information. Note that most users will want to have a thorough understanding of your products. After all, they spend their money on it. Further, they find the answer to many questions they have on your FAQ page. So, include this one to your bucket, too.

Security is the base. You do not want your customers to turn their back when they see any security issues on your site. Ensure that your eCommerce website is fully secure. Get help from the top eCommerce development companies to build a safe website for you and your customers. One of the things you can do is to get an SSL certificate. It creates a secure connection between the user and the site.


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