This Is Your Brain on photos of animal testing

I was really excited when a friend brought me this photo of a cat that had been tested on to see if it was an endangered species.

The animal testing took place at the New York State Department of Agriculture’s (NYSDA) animal testing facility in Albany, New York. The animal testing took place in August of 2010 and involved several hundred cats. However, the cats were never released, and only a couple of them ended up exhibiting some of the symptoms of a fatal case of rabies.

As it turns out though, the cats were all tested as part of a government program to determine if they were fit for human consumption. The program specifically excluded cats that had been treated with a non-toxic vaccine. There’s a lot of controversy about the fact that the cats were all treated with a vaccine, and that a couple of the cats ended up exhibiting some of the symptoms of a fatal case of rabies.

We don’t know why the cats ended up being tested. Theres certainly a lot of controversy about that. Theres also been reported that the cats were treated with a vaccine that contained a drug that is highly toxic to cats. In one report, the cat is described as not looking like its former self. According to the report, the vet who looked at the cat for rabies had to cut the cat’s ear off when he was done because the cat was acting like it was a kitten.

As we reported in our story on the cat testing, a lot of the cats tested positive for the drug. However, as you can imagine, the cats that died were not in pain. The cause of death was due to a drug that is toxic to cats, but was not fatal.

Just how toxic is this particular drug? A report in The Washington Times suggests that it will “kill almost any animal,” and that the drug was designed to kill animals, but not humans. It is also reported that the FDA has not approved any version of the drug as an animal tranquilizer.

In the US, cats are commonly used in blood tests for many diseases.

The drug, which is in the veterinary medicine “orphan drug” category, is known as an “acetylsalicylic acid,” which means it is an aspirin-like derivative. It has a chemical formula of C8H9NO2 and a molecular weight of 192.

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