the process of converting raw material into goods is called

The term of the week is “The Process of Conversion, not the Product.” This is a process that occurs through the entire industrial process of production. This means that there are three processes involved – raw material, intermediate material, and product.

The raw material, you might say, is what’s being processed. It’s just a basic substance that’s been converted into a product. The intermediate material is then converted into the final product. The final product is then converted back into the raw material.

In the world of manufacturing, the process of conversion is where things are being made from raw material. A common example would be, in the printing industry, you might have a wood block that was originally carved from a tree. The block is then cut into shapes and printed onto paper. The process of conversion, however, is a bit more complicated. The wood block in which the images are printed is actually not the original wood block that was carved from the tree.

You need an original wood block or an image that is carved from the original wood block to create a finished product. Most often, the wood block is the original and the image is a copy made from another wood block. The image in the wood block is made from the images that were carved from the original wood block.

The problem with creating an image from a wood block is that, unless you are working with a wood block that has a unique grain pattern, there is a chance the image will not look right. This is a problem because most people will use wood blocks that have a similar grain pattern to avoid the problem.

By using a wood block that has a unique grain pattern, the image will come out as a nice, distinct image. This way you will have a unique image that will not be copied by another artist.

As we all know, the process of converting raw material into goods is often called “wood block” even though it is the process of carving a block of wood into a specific shape and then cutting it into a specific size. This is the process of using a computer to cut a wood block into a specific shape, called “cutting”.

Wood block can be seen as a very primitive method of producing images, since the only information needed is the shape of the wood block and the size of the wood block. The quality of the images produced will be greatly improved when the block is actually cut into the exact size that you want it. Using a wood block just like that can also be very time consuming, since the process of cutting a wood block can be very tedious.

A wood block is a very simplistic and primitive method of producing images. If you want a good picture of your hand, you’ll need an expensive camera. Since most people don’t have the money for a high-end camera, the cheapest and easiest way to generate a good image is to cut the wood block into a small shape that you would want to use as a picture.

As we all know, if you want to make a picture of something, you can either use a picture of it or you can use a picture of something you want to copy as a reference. You can use a square that you cut from a wall and use it as a reference to draw a small square on the paper and then draw a line that goes right through the middle, which you can then use as a reference to cut the block into the shape that you want.

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