What is lychee tea?


Lychee tea may be a special sort of scented tea from China, mostly from the Guangdong and Guangxi provinces. It’s a tea scented with real lychee fruit, by roasting lychees with tea leaves. Lychee may be a small fruit with white flesh and pink peel from a lychee tree. Lychee peels easily, and it’s eaten raw. It’s native to Guangdong and grown in other Asian countries too. The tea, however, doesn’t contain any fruit pieces – only pure tea leaves with a sweet fruity lychee flavor. Lychee features a sweet, tropical flavor and adds an exquisite note to rich Chinese tea .

There are a couple of ways of adding flavor or scent to tea – by adding natural or artificial flavors, by blending real tea with other ingredients, or by scenting it with real flowers or fruits during production. Scenting is that the common way of creating tea in Asia, while blending is that the hottest way within the western countries. one among the foremost well-known scented teas is green Jasmine tea.

You can brew scented tea in two alternative ways – employing a regular infuser or a teapot, or employing a smaller Chinese teapot or a gaiwan and re-steeping an equivalent leaves multiple times.

Bring fresh spring water to a boil. Preheat your teaware by pouring predicament in and out. Wait till the water cools right down to 200°F. Use about one teaspoon of tea leaves per cup of water and steep for 3-5 minutes.

If you would like to re-steep an equivalent leaves more times and obtain a more intense flavor, use about 2 teaspoons of tea leaves (equals 2-5 grams of tea) per 100-150 ml of water. Preheat the teapot by pouring predicament in and out. the primary steep should be very short – about 20 seconds. Increase the steeping time by 10-30 seconds for subsequent infusions.

Where to Get Lychee?
While Lychee tea is easy to prepare, it is not as simple to find the fruit in stores. People living in areas where the fruit grows are lucky to get them in stores or even pick them directly during the summer- June and July. If you cannot find the fruit in stores, you can visit an Asian market or order canned fruit online.

While purchasing at stores, people need to choose the fruit for their Lychee tea carefully. Ripe fruit has a bouncy texture if it is pressed a little. The red colour is vibrant, and it has no blemishes or soft spots on its skin. If the fruit is smelly, cracked or its skin has liquid on it, it is better not to purchase.

In general, it is advisable to consume the fruit as fast as possible because it is hard to keep Lychee fresh for an extended period. Besides, it can ferment as it waits. You can keep it for one week by wrapping the fruit with a paper towel and placing in a plastic bag. For longer periods, it is better to freeze the fruit in a zip-top bag. Though Lychee will lose its colour, its flesh will still be delicious. As a result, you can even enjoy Lychee tea during the cold winter.

Lychee Black Tea
As mentioned before, when you see Lychee tea, it does not only mean an ice tea with Lychee fruit. In some cases, Lychee tea is organic black tea leaves scented with this fruit’s peels. It is a distinctive tea from China, mostly from Guangdong and Guangxi provinces. Producers roast black tea leaves with Lychee or its peels to make this delicious flavour. However, there are no fruit pieces. People who like flavoured black tea might give a try to Lychee black tea.

There are several ways to make a scented tea. In China, producers mostly make scented tea by mixing it with Lychee peels or flowers. It is mixed until the leaves absorb the flavour and the smell of the fruit. Hence, it is a natural way of making Lychee black tea. However, some people do not prefer such tea because there are no pieces of fruit in it. In this case, they can purchase the tea from the western countries which use blending methods. Those producers blend the leaves with flowers, or dried fruits so that when you brew the tea, the aromas mix. Another way of scenting the tea is by adding artificial flavours. While flavours can still be natural, most people are sceptical of such products.

Purchasing the right tea type is not the end of the quest for delicious Lychee tea. Its taste might highly depend on the time and method you utilize for brewing. People can use a standard teapot, small Chinese teapot to brew the tea or re-steep it. Re-steeping is a popular concept which claims that using the same leaves multiple times to make tea helps to fully extract the flavour.

Brewing is a simple process. All you need to do is add a teaspoon of leaves per cup of water into the hot water. Then, wait for three to five minutes for the drink to be ready. In the case of re-steeping, you can brew the same leaves for a few times to have a more intense flavour. However, you need to use four teaspoons of Lychee tea leaves per cup of water. Every next steeping in this process requires more extended time. For the first time, you can brew the tea as short as twenty seconds. In subsequent steps, increase the time by ten to thirty seconds.

Iced Lychee Black Tea
Previously, we gave the recipe for Lychee Iced tea using the fruit. It is also possible to prepare that recipe by using Lychee scented black tea leaves. As a result, the iced tea will have a much more intense aroma of Lychee. People living in areas where they cannot access the fresh fruit, can use the scented Lychee tea to make as fragrant iced tea as in the case of using the fruit pieces. These scented tea leaves are also perfect for making bubble tea.

If you want to try the scented tea, you can order a package online from platforms like Amazon or visit an Asian store nearby.

Health Benefits of Lychee
Besides being incredibly delicious, there exist a lot of health benefits of tea. First, it is rich with vitamin C. The fruit can meet the daily ascorbic acid, which is essential for immunity, in a single serving. Vitamin C is also great for skin problems such as ageing and blemishes. Plus, the fruit supports the digestion process and creates wonders for constipation and other issues. People who fight with inflammation problems can eat Lychee to support their treatment.

The high content of copper found in this fruit can improve the blood circulation and increase the Red Blood Cells. If you are dealing with high blood pressure, Lychee can help to keep it stable.

When we say Lychee reminds watermelon, we do not only mean its taste or texture. Like watermelon, this fruit also has high water content. Hence, people who want to lose weight can enjoy the fruit with peace in mind. Besides, it hydrates the body during hot summer days.

People should also keep in mind that except its benefits, Lychee is a sweet, sugary fruit. Hence, it can create problems for consumers with diabetics issues. Sure, consuming in a little amount might not cause huge problems, but it is always advisable to consult with the doctor about the diet.

Enjoy Your Tea
In this article, we have discussed the recipes and general instructions for Lychee tea. Whether it is tea with fresh fruits or a scented black tea, Lychee has an excellent flavour for beverages. The fruit gives both freshness and sweetness to the drinks. If you have access to fresh fruit, it is recommended to try iced Lychee tea. Otherwise, you can order Lychee black tea and enjoy Lychee flavoured iced or bubble tea. If you are too lazy to make your tea, you can also visit Bontea Cafe. We offer a wide range of organic coffee and tea in a cosy, artistic place. Our friendly staff will prepare beverages with fresh and natural ingredients, together with serving you with a friendly attitude.


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