WordPress Licensing & the GPL


To develop WordPress themes for the public—either free or paid— you would like to urge familiar with the GNU General Public License (GPL) that WordPress uses.

GPL basic freedoms #GPL basic freedoms
The spirit of openness and sharing has thrived within the WordPress community due to fundamental principles that form the core of its license. a method to consider the GPL is as a “Bill of Rights” for software. The GPL establishes the subsequent four freedoms:

Freedom to run the program for any purpose.
Freedom to review how the program works and to vary it, so it performs computing as you would like .
Freedom to redistribute copies, so you’ll help your neighbor.
Freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions, giving the community an opportunity to profit from your changes.

What is “free” within the context of software? #What is “free” within the context of software?
The ‘free’ in free software, refers to freedom and not price. The Free Software Foundation likes to mention “free as in speech, not as in beer.” Free software is software that users can use to try to to as they want . It needn’t be free from cost, although those hosted on the WordPress.org theme directory are.

Free software can accompany a tag . In other words, you’ll create a GPL theme and sell it for $50, and it might still be free software. Why? Because the user is liberal to run, modify, and distribute the software or any modifications of that software.

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